Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Week 6

Day 36 - October 19th - Sunday
Non-Marking Graffiti

This scene was done completely with just a regular flashlight. This is one of the few walls in Portland I could find with a substantial amount of graffiti left on them.

Day 37 - October 20th - Monday
Train Guard
I was out to shoot something else this night when I saw the train creeping through the SE industrial area. So I got all set up and waited for the train to roll by.

Day 38 - October 21st - Tuesday

I had used this idea of a flash creating a silhouette before but not on a bike so the timing was a little different.

Day 39 - October 22nd - Wednesday
I had seen a video of a guy showing how to light up a bottle similar to this online and wanted to try it for myself. My attempt came out much different and I brought the light around front to light up the label. I used a 3 LED bike light with paper cone on the end in a completely dark room.

Day 40 - October 23rd - Thursday
Lit Tunnel

In this scene once again I wanted to play off environment's lighting and using time as the variable, moving from one spot to the other.

Day 41 - October 24th - Friday
Ross Island Underpass

This is a shot of the underpass right next to where the shot the day before was taken.

Day 42 - October 25th - Saturday
I was walking through this park, saw the abundance of leaves and knew I had to incorporate them somehow. The timing was very touchy on this because if I exposed the scene too long after lying down I would blow out the image of me. A street light across the street was the light source.

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